Paradigm Shifts Through Education
ELISAVA x Open Arms


Paradigm Shifts Through Education is the result of a partnership between the NGO Open Arms—dedicated to guiding and assisting migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea—and Elisava. The initiative seeks to raise social awareness through a pedagogical approach, underlining education as the starting point on the path to social change. 

Learning is the act of generating knowledge by building constellations of data and stimuli. Our cultural constructs, interpersonal relations, language and privileges condition the way we navigate the world. For this reason, the project questions learning; present in every aspect of daily life, as the path we take to receive information and make something meaningful out of it. The root of most of society's problems lies within narratives that are never questioned but shape our environment and support structures of oppression, discrimination and conformism. 

The envisioned proposal extends itself beyond physical space. It proposes an experimental lens for looking at the world, a tool for deconstructing and resignifying. 

Produced in collaboration with: Alba Wera, Eliot De Tienda, Júlia Martínez, and Paula Ferrés.

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