ELISAVA x Kavehome


Floor lamp providing warm ambient lighting inside the living space. It enables the customization of light, providing sensory stimulation and the generation of intimate and welcoming environments. Nido arises from artisanal weaving work, combining metallic stainless steel filament with wool thread to create a flexible mesh. Its elaboration was carried out on a loom in collaboration with Barcelona-based textile artist Francesca Piñol.

The resulting textile rectangle (120x63cm) is folded flat to acquire a cylindrical shape which rests on a metal structure without any kind of hook. The skeleton of the lamp is made entirely of steel rod finished with a layer of paint.

Nido links human action to the intangibility of light. The abstract phenomenon is modified through mechanical interventions, starting from actions such as directing and regulating. The lamp allows lighting to be modulated through interaction with the user, adapting its shape versatilely.

Nido, meaning nest in Spanish, is conceived as a tribute to the art of weaving found in nature. From spider webs to bird nests, web structures possessing different levels of complexity appear in a multiplicity of forms within the natural world.

Produced in collaboration with: Júlia Martínez