Design, Research

Nostalgia has many faces, many sounds, many tastes and many smells; it occurs in the most varied situations. Some of them, many people can relate to, others are quite specific and hold a special place in one’s heart. Nostalgia can be a place, where you warm yourself up with a cozy memory, but it also resembles an old photograph, losing its colour when touched too often.

The project, resulting in a book and exhibition, explores different understandings and perspectives on nostalgia. Why do individuals feel nostalgia? What elements is it composed of? How is nostalgia linked to people, places, and moments in life? We addressed people from various ages and contexts through interviews and conversations with the purpose of collecting their stories. We took portraits of them and gathered photographs and objects they would be willing to share. Analyzing these provided insights regarding the core components of this universal feeling. Despite our differences, we all share a common human experience of longing for the past and cherishing memories that have shaped who we are. Nostalgia is not just a personal sentiment, but a shared experience that connects us to one another and to our collective history.

Produced in collaboration with: Christina Rosi, Katja Lux, Sarah Tesch, Gudrun Ragossnig, Sophie Erman, Carla Farré, Raquel Bonet