ELISAVA x Fundación Arrels


Luciérnaga was developed in collaboration with Arrels Foundation, an entity seeking to improve the life of homeless people living in the city of Barcelona. Social and participative design strategies were adopted throughout the entire creative journey.

Our team was introduced to Kweku and his two flatmates, who have all moved into an apartment with Arrels’ support. As they do not have a close bond, our team decided to devise a piece of furniture that would work both individually and as a whole. The idea for Luciernaga originated from recognizing the dimly lit living room at night as an area with potential for improvement.

The lamp’s wooden structure supports three autonomous light sources (one for each individual) and its measurements are adapted to the men’s heights and mobility impairments. Each light module consists of three main components: LEDs, a battery, and a switch. A magnetic plug enables an easy connection between the modules and the main structure for the batteries to be recharged. Sustainability challenges were tackled through the use of sustainably sourced pine wood, 3D printed PLA for the light modules, and rechargeable batteries.

Produced in collaboration with: Daba Solsona, Júlia Martínez, Sade Ekwedike, María Clara Valencia, and Alejandro Spiro.