Atlas: Mapping the Geography of Home

Research, Art Direction

Production: Paula Haro
DOP: Sonia Bailey
1AC: Natalia Álvarez
Gaffer: Yoyi Romero
Best Boy: Eloi Texias
Dress by: Laura Soriano Capell
Hair & Makeup: Paula Haro
Still photographer: Arturo Ruíz

Creative Direction: Lola Lemke

Talent: Paula Martín Díaz

Colorist: Jordi Ferrer

Light Design: Angie Couple

Sound Design: Helí González
Mentor: Saúl Baeza 

Atlas is an inquiry into the formation of the sense
of home, questioning the conventional idea that it solely relies on attachment to a particular
geographical location.

Placelessness—the fact of not being in, or
connected with, any particular place—is addressed
as a challenge experienced by individuals who are constantly moving from one place in the world to another under the contemporary global paradigm.

The resulting exploration interweaves the common threads found in different people’s stories to open a discussion on alternative understandings of home
and belonging.

By establishing roots within ourselves rather than in exterior environments subject to constant change,
is it possible to become our own home?

Click here for the full-length performance piece.